Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Still playing catch up with post's.....
I thought I would show you two more makes I have done for this holiday.

The first is a knitted Christmas tree I made for my daughter.

The tree is sitting in a jam jar filled with marbles to give it some weight and to look
pretty. I have made various trees and have enjoyed making everyone different.

These are three smaller trees each attached to a small round box.

And this year I have knitted two more stockings so we each have one.

The only thing with the knitted stockings is when you fill them they get longer.
But soon pop back into shape when you empty them.

Have you made anything special for this festive time?

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Still catching up with post's! So still on a Christmas theme.

Hope you had a wonderful time and got lots of pressies from Santa.
We had a fab time but eating too many chocs......

Every year with get our real Xmas tree from our local nursery.
We all go along in October and walk around the 9 acres untill we find our perfect tree, put
our name tag on, then wait till December to pick it up.

These trees were waiting for their new owners.

It was a bit muddy when we went to chop it down. But luckily it had only
grown to just over 5 ft.

So my daughter carried it home all by herself.

We decided because it was very bushy it would look much better on a table.
So we cut a bit of the top to fit.

Having it on the table this year means we have plenty of room for the presents.

Christmas seems to have gone in a flash.