Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi everyone hope you are having a nice day.  We are having a beautiful sunny day
in Cornwall,,,,Hope you have the same.!

So today I thought it was the perfect time to give the dogs a haircut.

I have always cut their hair since they were puppies. So they are as good as gold for me.

I cut Bertie, Charlie's and Bailey's hair today. I did not cut Archie's as he needs  all of
his to keep warm.

                              Charlie just wanted to play ball after his haircut.

                                                           Charlie and Bailey

                               Bailey wanted Charlie's ball so was kissing him.

                                    Bertie looks like Charlie now with his short hair.

                                   Bertie looks like a lion here all head and trim body.

     Bailey had a trim  because his fur was on the ground but other than that he does not look different.

                            With the hot weather here I think they appreciated less fur.

                                              Do you give your dogs a haircut ?
                                  Or do you pay for them to be cut and groomed ?

                                                               Rosezeeta x

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Remember the bedside table. I showed you before.

This was how it started.

And this is it finished.

I love the new handle.

I was going to put floral paper on the shelf. But decided it did not need it.

After painting and waxing I sanded back a few parts.To age it a little.
Then gave it a final wax.

I have also finished a pine t.v. cabinet. (Sorry forgot to take a before picture).
But this one was just orange pine. You know the sort.

First I painted it all over blue then added some pink details.

Then I waxed it with clear wax.

 Then I sanded it all back to age it or as some would say shabby chic it.

I think it looks great now.

After I sanded it back I finished with a last coat of clear wax.

Because the weather has been so beautiful I have put up my small gazebo and set up
tables outside to paint on.

                        What could be better than working in the sun.