Tuesday, September 01, 2015


   On a rare weekend my hubby was home and was able to join me for a local dog
   show. We took Archie and Bailey.

  It was a great fun but rained all afternoon. So they started the judging in one of the tents.
  I do not look happy...... But I promise you I was.  Archie did win Best Pedigree Puppy.
  And Bailey won Best Working Dog.    
  I think I was just wishing it would stop raining.

 We did really well at this dog show,which was in Tavistock Devon.
 Both dogs won 4 classes each and Bailey won Best In Show Novelty classes.
 We came home with bags of goddies and vouchers to collect free dried dog food from
 a local pet shop. Very handy for all our dogs.

      Some Fun Dog Shows have a fancy dress class. So perfect for a creative person like me.

     This is what I knitted/ made for Bailey. He was a rose garden.

                                 And then Archie was a Daisy garden.

We came 1st in the fancy dress class. I was so proud of my dogs. They did not care that
they were dressed up and even kept their hats on.

                 Not many dog shows do fancy dress, but I loved seeing all the dogs looking
                 so funny and they all seemed to not mind.

                 Doing dog shows is great if your dog enjoys it and great for meeting like
                 minded people. I have made so many new friends.

                  Does anyone else do dog shows. Are you hooked like me.

                   Bye for now Rosezeeta.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi Everyone. Hope you are enjoying the last of our summer.

I have been really busy with family, animals and trying to attend as many shows, fetes and dog
shows as possible in Cornwall and Devon. I must admit if there is a local dog show you will
probably find me there.........

Still trying to play catch up so please forgive me.

One event I attended was the Callington local carnival. Never been before, do not know why!
Popped along just with Archie and really enjoyed the parade.
Callington in Cornwall is a small cornish town not far from the Devon / Cornwall border.

        I  took a few selfies.      Hard to get Archie to look the right way.

We stood in the shade as such a hot day.     I did not want to lighten pictures,
as it would not be a true likness......

                                       All the floats were pulled by tractors.
                                       But then we are in the countryside.



At the other end of the high street there was a street entertainer for the children and  also a barbecue  which was doing a roaring trade. I avoided that end too crowded.

Bye for now.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Tomorrow I am at another fair/fete. Which has a dog show attached. Fingers crossed.

                                                          Rosezeeta x