Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hi everybody. Could not get in the garden today too much rain.
I hope you had a better day. Son broke up from college today for Easter break (Fri)
so that's good no college runs for two weeks!!!!!

What is great as I have lots of plans to do around the house and garden.

I thought I would show you another painting job I did this week.
We have always had a white front door since we lived here and as you
know if you read my post's I am adding more colour to our home.
So it was the turn of the front door. I used another Anne Sloan paint this time
in yellow.  I must admit when I started I was a little scared. But reassured myself
everything looks bad to begin with and  you must wait to judge.
This stable door is my main front door to my farmhouse and goes directly into my
kitchen. Which you know now has a splash of pink in.


I love with these paints you do not get a flat perfect colour.

I love it. It looks so nice to have some colour on the outside for a change.

I also had time to move my seat/arbour thingy. It used to be on the grass area of the garden.
But I found it was never used. So last time hubby was home we moved it between us closer
to the house. But I was not sure where to site it. And so this week I found the perfect place for it.

I will need to touch up the white when we have a sunny day.
But before then I could not resist adding some bunting.
A nice floral cushion and then a perfect place to chill out.
I am sure it will be more used now and I am looking forward
to takiing my knitting out there.

I have only been able to do all these jobs because Archie now has a morning nap in his playpen.
And the other dogs join him......

Friday, March 27, 2015


We have not bought new furniture for many years. When we moved from London to Cornwall
we had a lot of furniture which we just fitted into this house. but was never right for the

So I thought it was about time we brought bits to actually go into the rooms.
The first room I am starting with is the snug room. This room is mainly used by our
son to play games and do his homework .
So I wanted pieces  a bit more modern, but also bits that would sit nicely in my
old house.

So this is what I brought. All from Ikea.

I love this cabinet it reminds me of lockers at school.

This side table is lovely and colourful and each section lifts up for extra storage.

 I brought two of these laptop tables . I needed one for myself to use in the lounge instead of
 keep moving the coffee table.

And lastly this bright yellow sofa. Just a two seater but a perfect size for the room.

I now need to redecorate the room .
But first I need the electricians to come round to add a few new sockets.
I was not sure if I would like the furniture as I ordered it all on line,
But we are all very pleased.