Wednesday, January 28, 2015


                       Hope you are having a good Wednesday.
                       I am still full of cold but I think it is beginning to go, fingers crossed.
                       I ended up having to go to the vets again yesterday. I was walking Archie
                       on his lead around our garden (in my jimjams). It started to get cold so Archie and
                       I walked in, and as we did Charlie came charging in, he could not stop so jumped
                       over Archie and caught him in the head with his back paw.
                      Archie did not cry but when I picked him up he would not open one of his eyes
                      An hour later he still would not open his eye and that side of his tiny head had swollen.
                      So a rush to the vets.  He was checked out and thankfully no lasting damage. He had
                      an injection for pain and eye drops.  Later on he started to try opening his eye..
                     And today seems back to normal. I still have to do eye drops and medicine in his food
                     for the next seven days. But I think he was really lucky.

                     So Myself and Archie are both just resting and trying to get back to full health now.

                                      So here are some more cute photos of him

                                  Photo shoot part three- Archie wearing his knitted green jumper

                                          This one was bought and it keeps him nice and warm.


                                                           Hope you have enjoyed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


               Today Sunday I woke up feeling really ill. Full of cold. And my daughter was the same.
               I had to go to the doctors this week with my daughter. She said we will
               probably catch something because everyone in the waiting room was coughing.
              And guess what we have. Anyway Hubby had to take her back to Uni. So I had
              to take son to do a photo shoot at the beach. Lucky it was not a bad day.
              We decided to go to Seaton and Downderry in Cornwall.
              They are only 30 to 40 mins from us depending on traffic.
              And because it is Winter are never that busy. Seaton has a cafe right on the beach
              which is open even on a Sunday. And now has outside seating which is great
              if you have your hairy friend(not hubby) dog with you. You can also take your
              dog on both beaches. So is popular with us locals.

                  I only took Archie with me this time as I did not feel well enough to cope with
                  the other dogs.

                         As you can see the beach is made up of  crushed stones.

                                  It was not too cold but still quite windy, so excuse the hair.
                                  Archie was in his blue carrier and wore a jumper and his orange coat.

                                                      I think he looks so cute with his hood up.

Archie even had a little walk.

I had to turn his hood over so he could see where he was going.

He has grown slightly.

                    Archie really enjoyed his little walk but when we got home he had a long sleep.
And me being ill had an early night as well.