Thursday, September 24, 2015


                   I picked this frame up in the summer at a boot fair for a few pounds.
             I was going to put a back to it and make a chalk board, but then I changed my mind.

                                                           This is what I did instead.

                                    I used net hooks and attached them to each side of the frame.

                                                      Then I found my ribbon pile.

                                     Sorted out the colours I wanted and attached to the hooks.

And there you have it a frame to display your treasures.
You can use ribbon to tie things on or  use wooden clothes pegs.

                                Very simple and easy but a great way to upcycle a frame.
                                                  (picture taken in the evening)

                                   Take care hope you are having a good week.
                                                    Rosezeeta x

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

The Summer Hols seem to have been and gone so quickly.

It was so lovely to have my daughter home for some of them. We have been to as
many local fetes, fairs and doggie shows as possible this year.....So a very busy Summer!

Living in the countryside is just perfect for us. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful
part of Cornwall.

I have been busy doing a few little makes, I will show you in later posts. So please
bear with me.

But my big purchase this year is a new car.  I have only had one other new car in my life.
and my husband choose that one many years ago. So I decided to upgrade. Firstly I could not
decide to buy a used or new car and then my husband took me to as many showrooms as
possible and completely confused me. But the car I had set my heart on was A Smart Forfour.
So after a couple of test drives and working out what I really needed I ordered my new car.
It was a lovely experience choosing exactly what I wanted colours etc. And the team at
Mercedes Benz Plymouth could not be more helpful. Especially Louise who was very
professional and made all the paperwork involved so easy.

This was the first Smart  Forfour car I took for a test drive. It was GOLD!
People did look when we were driving around but I soon forgot about the colour
as I was enjoying driving it so much

When I arrived to pick my new car up. There it was in pride of place ready to
be handed over to me all covered up.

There was even a plaque with my name on.. I loved it. Such a fabulous way to hand over
your new car . Mercedes Benz has got this so right. It made the experience so much more special.

This was Louise. Such a special person. So professional and helpful. If you ever decide
to buy from Mercedes Benz Plymouth . I would recommend asking for her help. A credit
to the company.
      (A big thank you to Mercedes Benz for allowing me to take these pictures.)

                                         Starting to reveal. The first time I had seen my car.

Home safely parked in the drive. Just need to read the books to work out all of the
buttons etc. Because it is black and white my children have called it the Panda.
The car is a Smart Forfour Passion. I have only seen one other on the road, but then they
are a new model. I won't bore you with all the details, lets just say they come in all different
packages etc.

                              And as you can see it is also black and white inside.

                                      Sorry about the pictures, all taken with phone.
                       Did not want to turn up at the car showroom with my big camera

I am one lucky lady, just need to wait till son passes driving test then I can get rid of old car.

I know some of you will think what a waste of money or how can I afford a new car.
But we all spend our money in different ways. And that is our choice. Some of you will have nice holidays, or choose to save for a rainy day and that is fine.  This moment in time I treated myself to a new car, and I do realize how lucky I am. As My Blog is all about my life in Cornwall, my purchases, my makes, my adventures my animals it would be wrong not to share this with you.

Has anyone made a big purchase this year?


                                   Rosezeeta x